New Region 9 souvenir patch - Available May 2014

New Region 9 souvenir patch - Available May 2014

We have created a souvenir patch for our region.  We chose the most recognizable bridge in the world which is why visitors come to San Francisco. The bridge remains one of the World’s most iconic landmarks stretching almost 2 miles from San Francisco to Marin County and soaring 4,200 feet above the bay. 

We have limited number of patches available for sale.  Each patch will be signed by the Regional president and numbered to prevent the patch from being illegally reproduced. The design is copy righted.  The Symbol Arts Company in Utah a maker of First Responders memorabilia makes this patch.  If you find this patch without the Symbol Arts logo and the president's signature on the back of the patch then you have a fake copy.

The cost of the patch is $4.00 each.  Postage and handling for the first patch is $1.00 and .50 cents for each one thereafter.  International postage is:  $4  Send payment to:


IPA Region 9

P.O. Box 31761

San Francisco, CA94131-0761


For international customers email: for instructions on how to make payment.